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The Secret is Out!!

The secret is officially out!!


The plans have been made, the lot has been cleared & we are all only a little stressed.

For the last several years, Scotty and I have been living with my parents in their “carriage house.” It’s basically an in-law suite with one bedroom and a kitchen/living room area that is attached to the main house. My parents actually built it about 10 years before my accident with the idea that one day my grandparents might need to move in (I like to joke that I beat them to it). What a HUGE blessing this carriage house has been! God knew about my accident way before it happened and knew that I was going to need it. It’s amazing to see how God was working in all of the details to take care of us even over a decade ago! My parents had even studded for an elevator that long ago! we are beyond blessed.

While we knew that living here wasn’t part of our long-term plan, it has been so comforting to know that we could stay as long as we needed. I cannot begin to explain how much my relationship with my parents has changed and grown in the last 3 years. They have truly put their lives on hold to help Scotty and me. It will be so bittersweet to not live under the same roof anymore.

BUUUUT...(they can't get rid of us that easily)

After a few open houses and quite a bit of time on Zillow, we decided that our list of “must haves” was too long and specific for this market. After much discussion, planning and dreaming, we decided we wanted to go ahead and build our forever home!! (Nothing stressful about trying to build a house in your 20s that will meet your needs for the next 50+ years.) We are building on the lot next door to my parents!

I will try to keep everyone updated on the progress, but in the meantime I ask if you will pray for our house- that we will make the right decisions regarding accessibility and that everything will go smooth in the building process.

- C



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