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Savannah Shells

What's better than something natural and beautiful that you can keep forever?

I've lived on the marsh in Savannah, Georgia my entire life and have always had a soft spot for all things coastal.

A few weeks ago I made a few oyster shell ring dishes for a bridal party and the response that I got in return was truly amazing! So I decided it was time to get to work and make some more!

These oyster shells are Savannah locals - kinda like me. Each shell has been handmade with love and the best part is that they are all



Some oyster shells are perfect for ring dishes while others make wonderful decorations. They look incredible by themselves, in a pair or even as a giant group. I hope you enjoy these in your home as much as I have enjoyed making them!


If you don't see one that you love, just know that I will continue to post more shells and patterns soon!