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An Overdue Thank You

First things first. Before I could even imagine starting a blog, I need to say thank you to, what feels like, every single person that I know (and a lot of people that I don't know).

I like to think about my life as a series of boxing matches. I've had some really tough fights recently. Some fights seemed relatively quick and painless, while others knocked me down for a long time. No matter what the circumstances are, one thing that remains consistent is the overflowing of support from my corner.

There are people that deserve more thanks than I could possibly give. These people are my home team: my husband, Scotty, and my parents. They fight the good fight side by side with me every single day. These people have their own battles to fight and their own obstacles, but they never leave me hanging. I don't say this lightly, but I would not be where I am today without them. I would not be WHO I am today without them. Just like a professional fighter, I never enter a fight without the support from my team. They have changed the trajectory of their lives in order to help strengthen me and prepare me for whatever fights are in the future. I am comforted in the knowledge that they have prepared a safe corner that I can retreat to in between rounds. I could not do life without these people.

Before I go on, I need to make a confession: I have a really hard time asking people for help even though it might be things that I truly need. It can be embarrassing to have to ask for simple things and even humiliating to have to ask for harder things. I am guilty of waiting until Scotty or my parents are close by so I can ask them for help instead of having to make myself vulnerable to a third party. I am even guilty of declining help from people even though they offered the very thing that I wanted just to save a little bit of pride!!

We can dive into the insanity of that character trait at a later time. The reason all of that needed to be said is to acknowledge and thank the people in my corner that go above and beyond anything I am probably capable of asking. I have people that come every week and maybe multiple times per week to help me workout. I have a whole gang of people that have learned to drive "Ronda," my accessible van, so that they can drive me to and from therapy, the gym, shopping, dinner, or really just anywhere so that I can go places without having to rely on my parents or Scotty. I have people who alter my clothes so that they fit me properly because newsflash to clothing companies: things fit differently sitting than they do standing! I could go on and on and on.

The big message here is that I want to say a long overdue thank you! Thank you to the people in my corner. Thank you for faithfully praying for me during a long hard fight. I cannot begin to describe how thankful and blessed I am to have people who continuously support and encourage me.

Thank you!!

- C.

Here is a picture of my home team: my mom and dad, Scotty, and Scotty's parents. This was about 2 or 3 months after being in the hospital. We look exhausted.



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